Assessment tools

Are you thinking of starting your own business?

If you do not know what skills and competences are needed to start this journey, use this tool to find out the skills and knowledge you lack and get an insight of what your next steps should be!


Are you able to spot or create good business opportunities?

Are you able to see situations from a variety of perspectives to generate original ideas?

Leadership and motivation: Can you lead and motivate others to follow you and deliver your vision? And are you able to delegate work to other people?

Are you able to take risks , and make decisions when facts are uncertain?

Are you skilled in all types of communication?

Do you have good "people skills"? Are you self-aware, able to regulate your emotions, and respond positively to feedback or criticism?

Do you have the talents, skills, and abilities necessary to achieve your goals? Can you coordinate people to achieve these efficiently and effectively?


Are you able to deal monitor your budget and deal with reporting income and expenses?

Do you know whot to look for National programs and funding schemes for your business?

Are you conscious with cybersecurity? Do you think you would able to protect your business and your clients from fraud?

Are you able to deal with your business taxes, insurance and other deductions?

Do you know how a business works and all insights of business finances?

Do you know how to legally register a business?

Are you able to determine market values and prices?


Are you able to fill in online forms for different types of platforms (i.e. e-banking, taxes, accounts, etc.)?

Can you easily sell and purchase products and services online?

Are you able to use social networks to promote a business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats-app, Viber, Skype)?

Can you edit videos, podcasts and other digital material for business pruposes? Are you able to use your mobile phone as a marketing tool?

Are you able to find information online that support you in starting a business?

Are you able to annalyise your business? Do you know how to find information online about competitors, business needs, trends, etc.?

Do you think you are able to protect your personal data and your business'? Are you able to understand and establish privacy policies in your services and producst?