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VIOne Consultancy


VIOne Consulting was established in 2019 as a private company working in the field of life long learning education, coaching, mentoring, digitalization, mental health, services for children with learning disabilities and interventions in crisis, adults traning and human resources management and development. The company operates on the teritory of entire Europe, depending on the projects it has. 

VIOne Consulting offers informal and non-formal learning and aims to promote women participation in social projects and programmes at local level (cultural integration, volunteering, entrepreneurship…). All our projects and initiatives aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying out projects and programmes that promote life-long learning and develop participants' communication, leadership and occupational skills. Our objective as a company is to develop new approaches and methods, which we could use for education, personal development, in our consulting and mentoring programmes. 

Our main goals are:

  1. Informing, advising and counselling people on their career orientation - assessment of the capacity, competence and interests in connection with making appropriate decisions about education, training and employment.
  2. Working with teacher to increase their capacity and equipped them with the new trends and methods in order to attract the attention of the learners.
  3. Formation of a motivational system for implementation in civil society.
  4. Organization of round tables, seminars, workshops and others regarding the problems of employment and unemployment. 

We work with external experts, teachers, trainers, consultants and other part-time specialists on civil contracts depending on the topic and their expertise.




DomSpain is an adult education organisation specialised in the field of education and training, vocational studies, occupational, social and intercultural skills, languages and new technologies.

This Association aims to improve the quality of education and adult training, promoting and facilitating the access, of both teachers and learners, to new technologies and innovative teaching tools. DomSpain is a Training and Consulting Company active on a national and international level. It offers a variety of services to the public and private sector of Spain and actively participates in international schemes through a well-established network of partners abroad.

The Training department of DomSpain develops educational programmes in four main directions:courses and workshops for adult learners, including foreign languages, ICT, cookery, dance and personal growth classes. VET: ICT, foreign languages, employability, work-based learning trainings for educators focusing on improving foreign language competences, use of digital tools and new teaching methods, blended learning extra curriculum activities for school children and parents, including foreign languages, robotics, coding, and internet safety The courses and trainings are implemented in our own premises as well as at 6 civic centres and 5 primary and secondary schools of the Tarragona province. We employ 40 educators and count with around 1400 students each academic year. The company provides both face-to-face, blended and online classes. In the ICT field, we have acquired experience through many years of protection of informatics infrastructures to offer to organizations, businesses, public bodies and other entities integral solutions, which help them guarantee the cybernetic security. DomSpain provides guidance and support to entities such as educational centres, public bodies, social enterprises, and NGOs in digitalising of their internal working processes. Also, DomSpain has a highly qualified team of information technology that has implemented various projects on national and International level involving development of educational platforms. We provide extra-curriculum activities in foreign languages and robotics for children with learning difficulties and developmental disorders as well as classes of ICT and languages for adults with special educational needs. Representatives of DomSpain form part of the Board of some associations of people with disabilities as well as the Council of Accessibility of the Reus Municipality. 

We have a wide expertise in accessing, managing, implementing and monitoring EU funded projects. As a coordinator or partner, we have been involved in various international projects, having developed the online environment and interface for more than 15 European projects and having been the leading partner of ICT and technologies activities for many more. DomSpain is accredited by the Employability Service of Catalonia as a consultancy, recruitment and training centers to coordinate local, national and international mobilities and internships of VET students. It is also member of the LET HER IN International Network, efVET and CEFEC. DomSpain coordinate internships, apprenticeships and mobilities of both VET staff and students in the fields of tourism, restoration, biology, audiovisuals, mechanics, accessibility, marketing, administration and finances, non-formal and informal education, among others. It also provides preparatory training, consultancy and advisory services to VET learners, VET sending centers and hosting enterprises.


Istituto dei Sordi di Torino


The Turin Institute for the Deaf in Pianezza is an organization of ancient origins, founded in 1814, born to take care of the education of deaf children and to train their teachers. The Institute is a no-profit Foundation.

SERVICES: Special need teachers and educators service in mainstream schools (from kindergarden to university) supporting students in collaboration with the local social services and school authorities; Training program for multi-impaired deaf and deafblind people and students with different disabilities; Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf (cooking and gardening); Training for teachers, speech therapists and educators; Specialized library and documentation centre for teachers and parents; Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions; Projects with the Universities in the fields of researches, language rehabilitation and social services; Home housing for deaf adults; European projects; Speech therapy and SLI programs; Kindergarden (with national ID as formal school); Language classes: Italian, English, sign languages.





Kilcooley Women's Centre (KWC) is an adult education organisation and Community College which offers specialised programmes in the field of education and training, vocational studies, employability and occupational skills, social and intercultural opportunities. KWC provides learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and groups to improve their life outcomes through both face to face group training, one to one mentoring and coaching and digital online training through their bespoke 'Women's Virtual College'. 

KWC strives aims to improve the life chances of our participants through the quality of education and adult training and wellbeing opportunities we provide. We actively promote lifelong learning, ensuring our programmes meet the skills gaps in the local economy to enable programme participants to be best placed to enter the labour market. Kilcooley Women's Centre delivers training programmes on a local, regional, national and international basis, promoting active citizenship, mobility and participitation at all levels for both learners, volunteers and teachers/tutors with our well established international network of programme partners. We support clients from both public and private sector and learners from a range of backgrounds including urban regeneration zones and rural areas in the East region of Northern Ireland. We also offer a comprehensive Cross Border programme with the Republic of Ireland. We support our programme participants with a family centre, which provides on-site childcare, parenting support programmes, daycare and out of school/holiday schemes for disadadvantaged children.

The Training section of KWC is one of the key departments of the organisation. KWC designs develops and delivers training programmes to promote life long learning and to address educational underachievement of disadvantaged groups to assist them enter/re-enter the labour market. Programmes of learning include academic programme (school leavers certifications) GCSE Programe (General Certifcate of Secondary Education), literacy and numeracy, foreign language development and ICT. These programmes are the building blocks for a robust CV with transferrable skills for the marketplace. We also provide a 'soft skills' educational programme which includes cookery, arts and craft, physical activity (eg yoga) and personal development classes (eg confidence building). We also provide vocational programmes such as Beauty Therapy, Nail Technology, Barbering, Childcare, Classroom Assistant, Gardening and Floral Design. To support the learners we provide a wrap around support programme to enhance their employment opportunities such as work-based learning workshops, CV Building, Interview Skills and 21st Century Skills for the Workplace. We deliver programmes across the region, which has a population of 170,000 in our dedicated centre and several outreach centres across the urban and rural communities.
We employ 20 tutors and support on average 1500 learners each academic year. The company provides both face-to-face, blended and online classes with one to one support mentoring sessions when required. KWC are specialists in the provision of community based childcare services, having provided them to community learners for 26 years. We encourage learners to engage in peer support groups and networking activity or events we put on reguarly to assist their growth and learning journey with KWC.



Ruse Chamber ofCommerce and Industry


Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is an NGO for the public benefit, providing wide range of quality services to companies in order to help develop and expand their businesses, both at home and internationally. The chamber contributes to the economic development of the Ruse region, provides support and representation of the business and entrepreneurs on a regional and national level through the national Network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and European BIC Network.

RCCI has expertise in organization of business trainings, workshops and seminars on various topics such as company environmental awareness tools and schemes, sustainable accounting, collaborative economy, business idea screening, business plan development, responsible research and innovation process, industry 4.0 etc. RCCI also has experience in the organization of broad spectrum of business events - matchmaking B2B, fairs, delegations.

Along with the business support activity, RCCI has an extensive experience in project management and implementation under various EU and other funding programmes (incl. LdV, FP7, Erasmus+, Programmes for territorial cooperation, USAID, COSME, H2020, etc.).




Founded in 2013, Les Apprimeurs is a private company specialised in the creation of customized digital solutions for the education, culture and training sectors. We work to promote basic and soft skills and access to knowledge for all through a series of activities: 

  •  Design and development of enriched digital publications for youth, school and university sectors and cultural and heritage fields. We work both as a publisher for our own books and as a service provider for institutions and publishing companies.
  • Digital and educational projects development aiming at providing innovative reading, learning and creative solutions, with a special focus on accessible digital tools and contents. We are involved in several European projects as coordinator and partners.
  • Workshops implementation around new publication technologies to encourage their appropriation by audiences with little or no access: workshop around the code, workshop around the writing of digital books….
  • Training in digital project management and digital book production for professionals and students both at university & schools.